Fashion styles when you work from home!

To all the freelancers out there, this is the time to talk more about your fashion and less about your work. Perhaps you and your computer work from the bedroom or the living room or even your garden. Perhaps you are a working from home mum or a one-person company starting your own business. Perhaps you are a writer or an editor and you can work from wherever you are. Whatever your situation, we came up with some work outfits and some small rules you should follow, to avoid feeling sad and alone. As every workplace involves a dress code, so does working from home!

Let’s clarify the fact that wearing your pyjama and sweatpants while working from home isn’t the best idea, unless it’s really awesome!! When working from home we still need to make the least of an effort and “go to work”. So leaving your pyjama in bed and dressing appropriately is much appreciated. We need to basically cross that line and help ourselves leave the domestic life behind without actually leaving the household. Therefore, experts from the Fast Company proposed a list of appropriate “work from home” fashion brands to help you make this effort and dress accordingly and professionally when working from home.

As a freelancer, I have discussed with my fellow colleagues who like me happen to work from home on the topic on fashion when one is working from home. The answers seem to vary from person to person. Some like to remain comfy and use the fact that they are inside their home. They usually stay in their pyjamas despite working or are mixing the pyjama with a casual piece of garment. This changes when they need to leave the house and connect with the outside world, so in the end they tend to spend half of their day in the casual outfit and the other half in streetwear.

There is another group of people working from home and these are those who dress up as if they were going to an actual office full of other professionals. They put on semi-casual outfit, sometimes even an ironed shirt. Women put on full make up and nice casual everyday office dresses. They don’t normally include a fancy pair of shoes into their outfit, so slippers are usually their accessory.

I guess the best summary of the “stay at home fashion styles” was documented in a photographic project that I came across recently. Realised by a photographer from the Bay Area in San Francisco, where many people work from home or from cafés and where this type of work is mostly known and practiced, I guess much more then in Europe. Sarah Deragon as a self-taught photographer documented people who work from home in their real outfits. Have a look at her project titled Work from Home  and see for yourself what people working from home really wear to work.

But what happens when home, turns into exotic places, like this rainforest in Sri Lanka? This was Magda during the whole month of December! The key is to have Internet and very comfy Calida clothes, to remind you of home. At this point, you ARE allowed to be in pjs and gaze at the beautiful horizon! Ah, the life, the life!

P.S. The beach works wonders too!

Photographs: Unsplash and Magda

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