Wool is cool – closer look at BAABUK

In the pre-Xmas time, danger of spending too much on too useless things hangs upon us. So in the upcoming articles we look into the LOCAL labels and brands that we think are worth your time and money. One of these is BAABUK, a shoe wear brand born is Switzerland, in the lovely city of Lausanne. Galina and Dan founded BAABUK back in 2013 out of their passion for creation and dream to build a brand which offers products that combine tradition and modernity with originality and trends. Their story began when Galina’s parents who returned from Russia, offered as a gift a pair of Valenkis to Dan as a present. Dan quickly saw the huge potential in these traditionally made shoes, which in the past were there to fight the hardest Russian winters. From that point onwards, both Galina and Dan decided to prototype their first pair of BAABUK and test the reaction for the new creation with friends and family. Since then we can wear a variety of products from home slippers to winter boots made out of wool.

Wondering what are the qualities of shoes made out of wool? There is quite a few, like the fact that they are renewable, because wool is easily recycled as being biodegradable. It can also be composted and used as a fertiliser due to its high level of nitrogen. The shoes are really comfortable, and this is the main reason people like Baabuk shoes. Apparently the longer you wear a pair of Baabuk, the more comfortable it gets, because it naturally takes the shape of the foot. Baabuk sneakers do not contain glue that could harden the fabric. They are made out of breathable material, since wool let the feet breath. You will sweat a lot less than in shoes made of synthetic fabric.  The shoes are also water repellent, because the fibers of the wool are naturally covered with a special waxy coating.

Baabuk shoes comes in all sizes and are made both for kids and adults. The slippers come in variety of colours so everyone will find the one they like them most. You can use and wear Baabuk shoes all year round, but what is the better season then trying them right in the winter time!

Find out more info and BAABUK products here.

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