Wandering the streets of Vevey – Our guide and tips

Vevey may be small, but it definitely has a lot of things going on which is perfect because you can cover the town by foot and enjoy many different things. From nice restaurant to amazing bars, from galleries to concept stores, from libraries to coffee shops. Wandering the tiny streets of Vevey’s old town is the perfect way to discover all these raves and to fall into the charms of this great town, that also happened to have seduced Charles Chaplin!

So come with us on this guided tour to some of our favorites in Vevey and, I betcha you will be willing to explore it as soon as possible!

As we said before, head over to Vevey’s old town and allow yourself to get lost in the tiny charming streets. Vevey is packed with concept stores and one of our favorites is Kizuku, they have so many décor objects and design furniture or stationery that you will really go crazy. They also have a cute coffee shop serving hot dog for brunch.

Then we would advise you to go toward Le Café Litérraire, located just in front of the lake, it is a great place to have a cup, enjoy the view, read a book or work.

If you are getting hungry, then we definitely suggest the best burrito in Switzerland, I must say (of the ones I tried at least). Mandatory Stop at El Comelon, for a killer burrito with homemade fresh ingredients and awesome sauces. Oh my! Also the “quesadilla” with raclette cheese is to die for. Seriously go! Ps: Don’t feel intimidated if it’s full, just wait a little and you’ll be in Tex-Mex heaven.

After lunch, do a bit more walking and you may discover the concept store Balthazar with a range of nice colorful things; you can spend quite a while in there discovering things. Enjoy the lake and by the lake you have some museums options too. Some streets down towards the train station you will find this Manga dedicated store called Bulle D’Asie. Many nice things from the Asian Pop culture, from music to books, décor and much more. A really nice place!

On the same area you have some cute book shop and many nice deals on books displayed outside.

To finish up nicely, Vevey has an amazing range of bars that we could spend many posts talking about, but we suggest to try the Sherlock Pub, with its very nice atmosphere and cute décor, as it’s worth spending some time just enjoying yourself and sipping a beer.

So many more places to go and to talk about, but we’ll stop here this time. Hope it will encourage you explore more and if you will, share your favorites with us too.

Pictures by: Jagoda

Text & Edition: Bruno Corrêa

Realised in Vevey, October 2017

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