Women Only: A New Take on Your Special Days

The topic we bring up in this article is one that only women will (fully) understand, at least that is what we think. There are the days in the month that we all need to face some tough moments and those days are an unavoidable part of our women-hood existence. It is never easy to bring up the topic of female period, as it is one of those things that seem to be visualised by minimal photographs of smiling white women. Not to be too graphic of course, we all have limits when it comes to human-down-to-earth stuff, and some of us of course choose to rather not bring up the topic too often and see images that represent it. As when those days arrive, we often feel, hmm not too well. Often unattractive, often feeling some sort of pain or at least discomfort if you are one of those lucky ones. To face the truth just when you are reading this article around 800 million women and girls are menstruating !

But today I wanted to share with you, dear female readers a very special kind of approach to all humans with periods, and it is called THINX. Named “one of the best inventions” by the Time magazine, THINX is a revolutionary period-proof underwear company creating the most innovative period solutions that empower people and sustain the planet. They are somehow breaking taboos about menstruation and the reproductive health system through the products they create, which is a really good looking, minimal underwear of many sizes, colours and styles.

I have discovred them somewhere in the WEB world as their striking branding is just right to the point and so memorable. Indeed the fact that THINX uses women of all shapes, colours and sizes for their editorials and visuals is a great example of the new kind of way of thinking about diversity amongst women and their needs. Often in a very funny and quirky way across their website, they express all that taboos linked to female menstruation. Their graphics and videos are so well styled and thought through! All the identity that I am getting from visiting their website is user friendly and simple to understand. Because what else you can add to the fact that THINX is made for people with periods: all kinds of people, and every kind of period.

Thanks THINX for representing the new way of thinking and for implementing it into real life products and actions. Hopefully a more conscious way of living, even on your period, is going to elevate amongst women and period, female body awareness and empowerment will become more and more easy to discuss and create paths for conversations in the future.

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