What is Art in 21st Century?

This is a question we often ask ourselves and we don’t often have a clear answer for it. How do you answer such a question, when only the term “art” leads to such a complex description and debate, that refers to many industries and has applicability overall in our lives? We still cannot fully understand the trends that pop up in the 21st century and the ever-changing tastes, but there is one thing we know is here to stay: technology. And then a new question pops, are art and technology interchangeable or do they have anything in common?

For this, we had a chat with Biliana K. Voden Aboutaam, a Geneva based artist who has asked the same questions herself. And here we are trying to answer these together. Biliana’s company is based on her artistic experience and research over decades, of the state of dematerialization, but it has always been a process that took place in the art world, up to 2016. Her art has been essentially digital and due to the heavy process of digitization the world has gone through in the last years, her work has fully destroyed the traditional codes of visual representation. In the year 2016 her first digital sculpture as an Augmented Reality application came to life.

But then, even more questions popped to life and a sense of uncertainty overcame her:

  • Firstly, what does one do with a work of art that is totally immaterial and intangible, built slowly in a full technological format and with no visual content whatsoever?
  • Secondly, how does one show and communicate an art work designed as an application? Are the galleries and museums still the place for this immaterial entity, based exclusively on digital practices? What platform does this immaterial entity belongs to?

The fundamental question that she asked herself was: What is Art in 21st Century?

This is when she realized there should be an end to representation as we all knew it! The end of the body of the art work as a definable entity of representation of reality. The end of Art as we knew, understood and related to it.

A strong and powerful statement that leads us into a new world, an even more digitalized one, but a much more beautiful one. Biliana is combining art and technology to show the world a new way of perceiving art. She uses technology to crunch data and applies the human factor, in order to create beautiful digital art pieces.

Biliana K. Is a start-up with an emerging concept of creating and distributing art throughout technology #ConnectedArt. As art is continuously evolving, so is her concept. The concept of this unique art work is embedded in the IoT and becomes the only possible way of interaction and distribution of the immaterial art work. It is all made possible via the web and mobile applications.

You now have the possibility of learning more about this concept at the future conferences she will be present:

  • 11-12 April 2018 in Berlin at the IdTechEx Show – Connecting Emerging technologies with Global Brands
  • 20-28 April 2018 in New York at the White Box New York gallery

Text by Magda Oltean

Images by Jagoda Wisniewska

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