Wedding in India – an experience of a lifetime!

I had the great chance to attend a crazy wedding in India and I must say it has been all I ever read and dreamt of: colorful, noisy, smelling of food everywhere and great fun! This particular one I attended was a Hindu wedding that took place in two different cities in different poles of this huge country: New Delhi and Bekal. Travelling by plane from one ceremony to the other is already a big thing. Imagine that there were 6 gatherings!

So, three events in the North, three in the South and each more charming that the other. The awesome part was that we also go to wear traditional Indian outfits. I must say I loved wearing so many colours and feeling so feminine and adorned.

Indian music is amazing, women look very gorgeous and put together and men seem to have never been happier in their life. I guess worries and problems have no place at a moment of celebration, a bit contrary to what one can see at a Romanian or even Swiss wedding. I appreciate the love these people have for life, for each other and for all things beautiful. But over all that, I appreciate and envy the constant energy they have and their amazing way spreading good mood everywhere they go.

And we all know India is not an extremely rich country, but it is top of the rich list because of its people! India is a country to visit to get energy and feel grateful for all you have! And I feel great now!

What better way to start a new year than with tons of colours and beautiful memories? Check out the rest of our Indian wedding pictures below! I feel very lucky to be able to travel and see wedding around the world. There is no better way to see and understand people than while eating and having a good time together.

Text & Pics: Magda Oltean & Dan

Edition: Bruno Corrêa

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