Wearing socks with sandals & remaining cool

In our seek to discover spring trends, we came across a few Pinterest images of sandals and socks. And we went straight back to our childhood when mum was dressing us up in pretty pink and sparkly ballerinas and socks with pretty lace or if you wish, our family travels at the seaside surrounded by men in sandals and white tennis socks. And since this moment, we have always been taught to avoid socks and sandals by all means. A classic faux pas no?

But did we listen? Obviously not!

My family still thinks sandals and socks is a big no-no, and my father does not even consider sandals for men as an actual footwear item. Socks were meant for boots, in winter, and preferably two layers of socks to avoid the cold.

Did you know that we have so NOT invented this trend? Romans were wearing socks with their gladiator sandals. That’s 2000 years ago! How else were they going to survive the cold? And I bet nobody said anything about it not being fashionable! So why all the horror looks we get nowadays when we wear socks and sandals? Did we just become snobs or have squared our creativity in these past decades?

Living in 2018 means that we have no more boundaries and men & women can wear anything they feel comfortable in. Pink is not prohibited for men anymore, pants are the item to go to for most women, socks and sandals is so in now and skirt over pants is another pretty new trend that takes over the world. Fanny packs are back in, sports shoes with suits and track pants with high heels. Everything we grew up being told how to avoid!

And I just love it. We start being more creative, we play more with colours and patterns, we are happier through our clothes and do crazier and crazier makeups. My favourite pass time is to sit on a bench in a crowded area of the city and look at people. A bit like a walking window shopping. Observing clothes, moods, colours, behaviours is amazing and makes me learn so much more about myself and human beings in general. And I tell you, we all behave like busy bees nowadays!

I hope we proved that socks and sandals can be a good and interesting look! We have adopted this trends so if you see any Calzedonia socks in sandals around Lausanne, yep, it’s us! And soon it will be you as well!

Thank you Calzedonia & PR Fact Lausanne.
Text & Edition: Magda
Photographs by Jagoda
Realised in Lausanne, May 2018

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