Visiting Golden Gate Park

At the end of last year I had a great chance to spend over a month in one of the top travel destinations of the world – the city of San Francisco. Of course this place does not need much more advertising as I know it is on the travel list of many people. If you will ever be visiting San Fran, you will definitely need to visit one of San Francisco’s most treasured places – The Golden Gate Park. It is indeed my top place in the whole city, a city which has many greenery spots available, so the choice was definitely not easy.

Golden Gate Park welcomes over 13 million visitors each year! Even if it can be crowded in some spots, you can still find plenty of space for lonely walks as some parts of it are not too popular. As we can read on the park’s website “from a vast, windswept expanse of sand dunes, park engineer William Hammond Hall and master gardener John McLaren carved out an oasis–a verdant, horticulturally diverse, and picturesque public space where city dwellers can relax and reconnect with the natural world”. Within Golden Gate Park’s 1,017 acres you are invited to discover gardens, playgrounds, lakes, picnic groves, trails, and monuments, plus an array of cultural venues, events, and activities.

The Golden Gate Park reminds us of the famous New York Central Park as it has a similar shape, but I was surprised to know that it is 20% larger then the park in NY. The aerial view of the park that I have found on Wikipedia shows the park in its full glory.

As there are many different parts of the park, it is at first hard to find your best place in this wast space. What is definitely worth visiting is the San Francisco Museum of Science that is placed in the park just next to the Young Museum. Another place worth checking out is a small, but lovely Japanese Tea Garden. The Conservatory of Flowers which consist of a green house with an amazing collection of tropical plants is separate from the Botanical Gardens and is a must see place.  Even if you need to pay extra dollars for the entry, it is worth visiting all of the separated sides, as each is unique in its own way.

Follow the photo stories from this amazing place and if you ever find yourself in The Bay Area, this is definitely a place that must appear on your to do list !

Photographs & Text: Jagoda
Realised in San Francisco, November 2017

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