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There is a place where all your senses (sight, hearing, touch) are faded down and where you are left with your body floating and a feeling of blissful relaxation. This place is reachable for all and it is called a sensory depravation tank or if you want a friendlier name: a floatation tank. I first heard about it because of Joe Rogan and his YouTube program, in which he talked about his floating experience. Later on, I always wanted to try it out for various health and personal reasons including my curiosity for experiencing something new, and what seemed back then “wired”.  Finally the time has arrived when I came across the Surface Flottaison in Lausanne.

To float you need a special bath / pool or properly named: a container you will float in, which is called a tank. This tank needs to have the right temperature water, with high percentage of Epson salts that will keep your body floating on the surface. The soundless and lightless room (thus options of having a light on exist) means that usually the tank closes and creates a certain capsule that offers a good environment, deprived of the outside world, sounds and daylight. You enter the tank fully naked as if you are going to the normal bath at home. Once you find yourself in such an environment you are ready to start your floatation experience !

Vincet, who runs Surface Flottaions told me all about the long list of health benefits of floating, including a decrease in: anxiety, pain, depression, lowers general stress and puts your body and mind into a calm and comfy cocoon. Regular floating helps with managing your sleep cycles and this helps with managing your general moods and feelings, helping you to be more optimistic and feeling well. It is proved by examples of regular floaters that it helps with chronic pains by oxygenating your whole body throughout. Your muscles fully relax and loose tension, and it can help you with a variety of psychical pains in your body from headaches, legs and spine pains.

Since it was my first ever floating experience, despite being super excited about it, I also felt slightly nervous. My expectations were high, as reading a lot about floating always triggered my desire to experience a state of nirvana, full relaxation state or something comparable to being high on life, like those who meditate can be. I really wanted to fully embrace this experience and switch off my mind in order to just be in the present moment and space. Once I entered the tank I felt the water filled with salt lifting me up directly, it was a funny feeling as if it is impossible to drawn in this tub because something pushes you up onto the surface. I guess swimming in the Dead Sea must be just like that!

My body floated on the surface and I could literally lie down on the water, with my arms under my head i felt like stretching on a big liquid sofa. It was just great ! Since the water is the exact temperature of the human body it was easy to feel cosy, good and comfy and just … float.

I had more then an hour for my floatation experience and I have to say that I did not realise when the time has passed.. There wasn’t a moment when I felt like I want to go out or that it is boring… I was just there, chilling and relaxing. First my mind was going a bit all over the place, but smoothly I managed to enter the blissful state I was once reading about. It was really peaceful and comfortable. Time has passed and once my session came to an end a gentle sound of ambient music (designed specially for Surface !) started to hit my ears. First I did not realise if this is only in my mind or is this coming from the outside world. Being for such a long time in a dark and soundless place can often play little tricks on your mind. Light music and later on, gentle lights turned on and I knew my sessions is over. It was hard to leave my comfy, watery cocoon knowing I need to return to the laud outside world. I was sure I will come back to float again !

Intrigued by the idea of Floating ? Go for it at the Lausanne based Surface Flottaison centre. The prices for floating experience range depending on the time of your floatation, from 30 minutes turbo siesta 49 CHF to 130 CHF for 90 minutes floating.

You can expect a wonderful, peaceful, clean and comfy place to float, with good selection of teas and organic juices, nice cosy place to relax after or before your float with good set of table books to go through, that I am sure will help you to me More Human.

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