The most eco-friendly Swiss fashion brands

I found myself at a Press Day event one of these past weeks where I have learnt about what’s to come this fall in terms of fashion. And I must say I was pretty surprised to see how many goodies we will have and how much of an efforts brands start doing for their items to be as eco-friendly as possible. Of course, being sustainable is a sort of must nowadays, however there are some differences into what we want to present you today.

We have discovered two Swiss brands that create good looking pieces which are eternal. And by eternal I mean that after their life is over you have the option to fully recycle them. How? Well let’s see. I will briefly present you my favourite two Swiss brands, so you can follow in their footsteps, if you are an artist or a consumer. We definitely need more awareness about the subject.


The first brand would be Calida, an old time favourite of ours. I mean, how many of you don’t own a PJ or some sort of undergarment from Calida?

Their latest launch consists of a fully recyclable T-shirt for the whole family. Which means that once you are done with the T-shirt and it is too stained or broken and you cannot recover it, you can throw it into the compost bin! How awesome is that? Imagine no more plastic falling into our oceans and no more pollution, because of our daily eagerness to look good. And now we can look good and keep our Planet healthy. Bravo Calida!


Another classic is obviously Freitag. It has a pretty particular clientele, but all of us can now appreciate the new F-ABRIC that Freitag has invented. After already giving a new life to truck tarps, we have a new biodegradable textile, produce in Europe. Once again, after your item has outlived its life, you can throw it in the compost bag and it will degrade. It does not contain chemicals, making it appropriate even for babies. On old champion at doing things right for the environment, Freitag did it again and we are more than happy to support another awesome Swiss brand.

We have tried to find other brands that have a similar impact on the environment, however we realised it is not as easy. While many brands claim to use 100% recyclable materials and use the best and most eco-friendly fabrics when they produce their garments, there are very few yet that have produced items that can be thrown in the compost or that could have a new life after the initial one has died. Or at least, there are very few that communicate this in such a way.

We would love to know more of these kind of Swiss brands and test new products, so please leave us comments with all the ones you have experienced so far. We would love to know more and advocate for a better Planet together.

Text by: Magda

Pictures from the Calida team and from the respective Freitag website

Realised in Lausanne, 2018

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