The Most Beautiful Street in Canada

I have been invited to a wedding in Pennsylvania this autumn and I decided to just make a vacation out of this occasion and spend more time in the States. This being said, I planned for a 10-day holiday with part of these days dedicated for the wedding location and a couple of well-spent days in New York to relax after the wedding; but things did not go as planned when our holidays turned into an almost full month of travelling! And has crossed borders into Canada as well! Pretty crazy if you ask me, but boy these places were beautiful!

The story of today revolves around my favourite part of Canada so far, that is Quebec City. Something that looks like a bigger Lausanne, but in a way with more charm, a much bigger Old Town with cute buildings and smiley people. It was getting pretty cold and windy in Quebec City in September, but it was still pretty charming. My favourite part of this visit was Ile d’Orleans, a charming town on the island, with Hansel and Gretel looking-like houses, farms and many cute shops. But this is a story for another time!

My story today revolves around another great place, the Most Beautiful Street in Canada, or so people living there have said, as well as a few articles I have read online. Rue du Petit-Champlain is simply beautiful, pretty narrow, but it has shops and cafes on each side of the street, so you find something to do for each taste.

There were musicians playing and singing on the streets, as any respectable street does, and even a theatre in case you were not entertained enough on the streets. I ate a very sweet maple taffy which is a sort of soft candy on a stick, made on the spot on some ice (or so I saw, desserts are not really my thing). I am still not sure maple syrup is a big friend of mine, but I did carry a few litres of it back home. I figured I’d learn how to make real good pancakes one day! And maple syrup would come in handy then! Food places and cafés either side of the street and many artisanal places full of warm pullovers, socks and hats. Many, many socks! I guess it can get pretty cold in Canada. Luckily I wasn’t getting nature’s full strength as I was visiting.

This was a very picturesque street and I enjoyed the change from big cities I have visited before, with skyscrapers that you cannot see the sky and way too many people. I guess home was calling me back as it has reminded me of pretty Lausanne and made me smile. If you ever go to Canada, don’t miss this pretty street, walk all over the old town, eat some fish dishes and go for the maple syrup, buy some socks cos they’ll come pretty handy if you spend the colder seasons there and take in all that Canada has to offer.

Until I get home, I’ll pop into Toronto to follow into Megan Merkel’s footsteps! Who knows, maybe you see me in a next movie shot there!

Pictures and editing by Magda in Quebec City, Canada, September 2019

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