Spring wonders – The Great Flu!

I have always been extremely happy when spring shows signs of appearing. I was born in December and all I like about winter is that particular month: December, the month of presents and hopefully, a tiny bit of snow during Christmas. So when I start seeing some more sun and greenery I am over-excited. Spring comes with the usual flu in March-April, puffy eyes and a runny nose, lots of wind and a little bit of rain, which makes matters worse. But hey, less layers so that works for me, considering all of the above.

So my only happiness until the end of April is to match my red nose with my beautiful cracked and dry lips. I get to play with shades of pink and purple, the hottest and crazier the better! #BoostingSelfEsteem

December is not the only month of presents, April can be one as well. One very runny nose day in April, I got a parcel from the awesome girls from the PR Fact. Signs of joy after three horrific weeks of “virose” as doctors here call it. (Send some pills as well people before it’s too late for Magda!!!)

So here is what made my flu go away…slightly!

So the great “doctors” at Sephora and PR Fact have written me the best prescription:

  • Take 4 great new #lipstories lipsticks from Sephora in the following colors: 13 (métal), 19 (satiné), 35 (matte), 46 (métal)
  • Apply daily in the morning and evening. Touch up in the afternoons, when necessary
  • Wear a large smile when putting the ointment!

Follow the steps according to your prescription for at least 2 weeks, preferably during the entire spring season and the results will soon show!

And so I did! I follow my “doctors” prescription to the letter and I am much, much better now. And the great news? No prescription needed really! These are all available in any Sephora shop!

Happy coughing everyone!

oh, oh, and no secondary effects on the liver!

Thank you PR Fact & Sephora Switzerland.
Text: Magda
Photographs: Jagoda
Realised in Lausanne, April 2018.

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