The Famous Houses of San Francisco

San Francisco is a unique city, where many things have happened and many well-known people have lived or at least have spent some part of their lives. When I was scrolling the hilly streets of San Fran last year, I came across an article in the local newspaper on the subject of real estate issues in the area and what mentions are currently on sale in the Bay Area. One of them was the famous house where Janis Joplin’s flat was located back in the 1960’s. I started to dig in and found more famous houses in the area. The number of them was quite impressive ! Across the history there was so much happening in this city by the Bay…

Let me take you on a small tour around just a few of them.

The Painted Ladies Houses

Ok let me start with a classic. Indeed a classic view from the city. If you will ever end up in San Fran you will definitely go to see it by yourself. One of the most touristic street views from this city is the famous raw of Victorian villas called The Painted Ladies. You can spot this view in many movies or TV shows including one of the San Fran original series “Full House”. If you watched carefully the opening scene of this show you will find the family having a picnic in front of the Painted Ladies. The park facing the famous villas is famous as a chill spot on a sunny afternoon and it is quite used by the local dog lovers.

The Full House 

This is the house used for the exterior shots of the well-known TV show from the 90s Full House, showing the even more famous Olsen twins. If you search for this house in San Fran watch out as it can be misleading, it is still located at 1709 Broderick St.

House of Janis Joplin 

Janis moved to San Francisco with her boyfriend and lived at 22 Lyon Street. The records from her driving licence indicate that address. This property is located in the famous hippie district of Ashbury Heights. Now a full-on hippie vibes with a touristic touch, back then a no-go zone of alternative lifestyle, drugs and rock & roll. Janis has been one of the greatest singers of all times and was inducted into the famous Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1995 by the Rolling Stone. She has passed away in LA at the age of 27 due to heroin overdose.

Headquarters of Hell’s Angels 

In the same area of Ashbury Heights at 719 Ashbury Street there was a special low ceiling building – the home of the infamous motorcycle club The Hell’s Angels formed in 1953. The Hell’s Angels were located in San Fran in the 1960’s. It was also during this time that the outlaw motorcycle club started relationships with iconic counterculture fixtures, such as Timothy Leary. The local legends indicate that they served as bodyguards at local rock concerts that featured the Rolling Stones, Jefferson Airplane, Santana and the Grateful Dead who lived across the street.

House from Mrs. Doubtfire 

Everyone loves and knows the iconic movie Mrs. Doubtfire with the outstanding performance of Robin Williams, who performed as a Scottish nanny and housekeeper in one. This property is located at 2640 Steiner, exactly on the corner of Broadway and Steiner. In San Francisco’s prestigious Pacific Heights neighbourhood, this Queen Anne style house is now a different colour then what was seen in the movie. The current owners have also changed the entrance door and the colour of the stairs leading to the main entrance. To get here is quite a walk from downtown, but the views are worth the efforts !

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