The Art of staying fit this Winter!

What do you think of the title of this article? A dream no? And it would be even better if staying fit would equal wrapping yourself in a blanked, with hot cocoa and the new series we discovered on Netflix, Touch. Too bad it is so short and has only two seasons. But no worries, if you like Kiefer Sutherland, we recommend another one: The Designated Survivor. Even better!

But that’s not it! So instead of growing an ass, why don’t you join a club and do some sports? Staying fit in winter is quite hard with the lack of vegetables and fresh fruit you need, the cold weather affecting your desire to get out and tons of new series released every January!  If you are like me, and need peer pressure to get out of the house and workout, why don’t you follow some group courses? We have a list of the trendiest places in Geneva and Lausanne, where you can end up chatting with cool people and sipping some fresh juices, AFTER THE WORKOUT!

1.Silhouette Sports Club

The first club on our list is Silhouette Sports Club. It is situated in various places in Geneva, but also in Lausanne on rue Valentin 30 and even Morges (There are 10 in Geneva, 5 in Vaud and 5 in Zürich for those who are interested). They are not early birds as collective courses start from 9.15, if like me, you prefer early morning sports soy ou get fit and awake for the day. We love that they collaborate with athletes and Swiss associations and support Swiss sports in general.

The cool thing about Silhouette is that they offer day care, so your kid gets entertained until you shake your booty and become a gorgeous momma. They have swimming pools, steam rooms, solariums, Turkish baths, jacuzzis, massage and even a bar in selected clubs!

What more do you need? Kids get some love and your body gets even more! We say yay!

2.Beat Fitness Lausanne

The second on our list is quite popular nowadays in Lausanne. A quite recent addition to Lausanne, Beat Fitnes has quickly become one of the favourite amongst the community. Situated on Rue du Simplon (so near the train station) it makes it very comfortable and easy to reach the place. And Geneva people, no fear, Beat will open soon in Geneva as well! You will have a young team of professionals to help you and train you as best as they can and you have a wide collection of courses you can choose from: HIIT, flow and ride.

And di you hear the best news? No contracts or membership needed. You pay as you go and book your class online, whenever you feel like exercising. How awesome is that?

3.Keops Fitness

You probably haven’t heard much of Keops if you tend to go to the gym in the city centre. They are situated on Chemin du Martinet 28 in Lausanne and it has been recommended by many of our readers. So let’s see what they can do!

They have a big space with all the facilities that one needs and a selection of courses such as: spinning, pilates, pump, zumba and a few others. Apart fro the help you get from the trainers and all employees there, you can benefit from the help of a nutritionist, included in the price you pay for the subscription. Two for one! pretty motivating no? And of course we top up the goodness with a spa and a hammam session so we know what we live for! Chillaxation all the way!


Have you got any suggestions for the best places in other cities in the French speaking part of Switzerland? We would be curious to know more!

Images: Unsplash Text: Magda
Realised in Lausanne, 2018

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