Les Toiles Studio: Hi Henri, can you please tell us in few words what is the Infashionity platform, how did you start it and who is it for?

Henri: INFASHIONITY.COM was initially created about 4 years ago as a personal blog, a platform where I could share images of outfits I styled and photographed and explain the inspiration behind them.

Today the intention is to make it evolve from a personal blog to an online magazine about mens’ fashion in general, with a diversity of content from news to collection reviews, editorial-like photoshoots, etc. INFASHIONITY is for anyone but particularly men looking for style inspiration.

Les Toiles Studio: What do you think about the fashion for men? Do you think it is harder for men to look good? We seem to think there is still many men who don’t take fashion too seriously. Are we right?

Henri: I think the focus on men’s fashion is growing a lot and men are becoming more aware and interested (and perhaps less ashamed to be) in the way they look, which I think is a good thing. I don’t think it’s harder for men to look good, but I do think you have to know what works for you and what looks good on you. Once you have found that, you can experiment a little, try new things and dare more. I think fashion can sometimes be a little scary for men if you only look at what is shown in runway shows, which are often exaggerated and created to express the designer’s vision or fantasy. But one of the goals on INFASHIONITY is to “decode” the shows and highlight key pieces that could fit in your closet.

Les Toiles Studio: Could you tell us how to familiarise ourselves with fashion and look better every day without breaking our bank accounts?

Henri: Follow INFASHIONITY of course! Joke aside, I think social media offers a quick and easy way to keep up with fashion. All the brands and designers, big and small, now have Instagram accounts and you can discover their latest collections in real time. My best tip regarding how to look better is quite simple: fitted clothes. Especially for men. Investing in a tailor to adjust trousers or the length of a jacket’s sleeves is so worth it, it can completely change the way you look. Even when buying a simple t-shirt, make sure the fit is flattering on your body. It really makes a difference.

Les Toiles Studio: Where do you find your inspirations for outfits and topics in what concerns fashion for men?

Henri: It may sound cliché but I can really draw inspiration from about anything: an image, a look of a stranger on the street, a feeling.. When putting together an outfit I always imagine a character or think about how I want to feel, and that helps to select the clothes. I also always try to have a little touch, detail, or twist that will make the look interesting. I’m drawn to pieces that provide that.

Les Toiles Studio: You were one of the first bloggers talking about fashion for men in Switzerland, how did your journey develop over the years? What were the best moments?

Henri: It’s been very rich and interesting, mostly because it made me learn a lot about myself and discover what I truly enjoy doing and creating. It’s brought me to a point where I consider turning it into a career because I want to have independence, control over my work, express myself. There were different kinds of best moments, from meeting certain people, to having one of my pictures posted on H&M’s global Instagram account, to attending fashion shows which is always a very exciting moment.

Les Toiles Studio: What are your dreams and plans connected with Infashionity for the new season and next year?

Henri: I’ve recently left my full time job as social media manager for a major luxury brand and am now fully dedicating myself to my personal projects. I hope to make a successful transition from personal blog to online magazine about men’s fashion. You can see that my Instagram account is now dedicated to men’s fashion content (show reviews, inspirational images) whereas my personal one is focusing on my personal style. I also share my own photography there as I am trying to develop editorial-like shoots, where I’m able to create a complete vision by putting together a look, choosing a model, location, etc to tell a story. Even though the Instagram content is split, you can find both personal style and general content on the website INFASHIONITY.COM

Thank you Henri for sharing your story with us !
Photographs: original source INFASHIONITY

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