MODE SUISSE Edition 13 – 2018

For the ( lucky* ) 13th time Mode Suisse is putting up together a fashion event that Switzerland can be proud of. Based in Zurich, Mode Suisse is a creative platform that focuses on linking the creators from the fashion industry, fashion schools and textile market linking people and concepts and help them grow through celebrating fashion. Media and other fashion-driven partners are also participating in the one-week-lasting events and fashion shows featuring top Swiss fashion designers. Starting from today, February 5th we can experience all that the Mode Suisse with Yannick Aellen the curator and his team, have — read more

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When in Zurich, try the freshness of Juicery 21

Summer is around the corner and all we want are sunny days, some time outside and fresh food, right? So recently, we were in Zurich for some meeting and we had the chance to experience the new sensation in town, Juicery 21. With a very straightforward concept, Juicery 21 serves cold-pressed juices and shakes, prepared in loco with help of this huge pressing machine they have downstairs. The combinations are interesting (like beetroot, apple, and lemon) and the names are fun and attractive (Recovery, Hot Lemon…). They pay attention to details, with their labels and glass bottles, — read more

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