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Friday off with Mademoiselle B.

Known by many in the area as Mademoiselle B. the lifestyle blogger and event attender, Barbara talked to us about her work and her blogging dreams. We met with Barbara in the Luigia Restaurant in Lausanne just before the weekend started. She has a true outgoing personality with tones of energy and good vibes! At the same time, she is a very down to earth girl that we all want to be friends with. And even though when you are reading this might not be Friday exactly, this word might change it's original meaning by the time you finish scrolling down — read more

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Unicorn with rainbow hair – meeting Diana Rikasari

Les Toiles Studio: Hey Diana ! Welcome to Switzerland ! We were so happy to discover your presence in Lausanne and excited to finally meet you! How do you feel living in Lausanne? Relocating from so far away must have been a shock.  What did you learn from this big change? Diana: Moving to a new country that is extremely different compared to where I come from has taught me a LOT of things. I learn to appreciate that people and the way people live is very unique from one another, but it all comes back to the same thing — read more

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Wandering the streets of Vevey – Our guide and tips

Vevey may be small, but it definitely has a lot of things going on which is perfect because you can cover the town by foot and enjoy many different things. From nice restaurant to amazing bars, from galleries to concept stores, from libraries to coffee shops. Wandering the tiny streets of Vevey's old town is the perfect way to discover all these raves and to fall into the charms of this great town, that also happened to have seduced Charles Chaplin! So come with us on this guided tour to some of our favorites in Vevey and, — read more

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When art & fashion meet – Interview with Not an It boy & Tami Hopf

Art and fashion is an undeniable combo… When we found out that David AKA "Not An It Boy" had some tattoos done with Tami Hopf we couldn't help but wonder how was this creative encounter. David is one of the pioneers on men fashion blog in Switzerland and has a unique way to display his visuals with an eye for attention and always carefully chosen locations that elevate his aesthetics. Tami  is not an ordinary artist, her work is impressive as an illustrator, is unique and deep, living it open to the public's interpretation. She just opened her beautiful — read more

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A guided tour with The Lausanne Guide!

Just a few years ago, what to do or where to go in Lausanne was a daily challenge, many events would go unnoticed as well as the dining scene that was about to flourish but, would very often pass under the radar… The blog scene was also taking baby steps in the French speaking part of Switzerland when The Lausanne Guide started they adventure and suddenly it was like having a really trendy best friend sharing tips, recipes, advises and pushing you to walk around and discover the city. The Lausanne Guide (TLG) was for many — read more

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Wondering in the hotel with lifestyle blogger Morgane – The Blondie Diary

It’s not that often that we get the chance to see a blogger evolving like Morgane from The Blondie Diary. Online since 2011, Morgane has a great connection with her readers, always truthful to herself and down to earth, she shares her lifestyle and choices in a truly “girl next door” way. And now it all became more intimate as this year she shared some big news announcing her pregnancy. We wanted to know how was she feeling about this moment and also to grab the opportunity to photograph Morgane in this special moment in a — read more

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