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Spices Inspired – interview with Olga Corsini

Les Toiles Studio: Hi Olga! Could you please explain to our readers how has your design career started and when did you begin to work on your own brand? Olga Corsini: I started loving jewellery and gemstones when I was very young. My father is a gemstone collector and he gave me a beautiful 11 ct aquamarine for my 14th birthday. Together we created my first ring that I still love and wear very often. My French grandmother too influenced my passion. She was a jewellery addict and she was always bringing me to look at Place Vendome jewels, when I — read more

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Fall/Winter 2017-18 All the trends you need to know!

Season is changing and with it comes the trends, and it’s always nice to know what will be trendy (if you are a person that cares about trends – but I do believe we all care a little). Knowing the trends allows you to play more, to recycle your wardrobe or even to see it in a different way, maybe use hidden pieces or give them away and go in the direction of a lighter and practical wardrobe, but also to buy in a smart way. You don’t have to be desperate, all the things you bought — read more

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