Wool is cool – closer look at BAABUK

In the pre-Xmas time, danger of spending too much on too useless things hangs upon us. So in the upcoming articles we look into the LOCAL labels and brands that we think are worth your time and money. One of these is BAABUK, a shoe wear brand born is Switzerland, in the lovely city of Lausanne. Galina and Dan founded BAABUK back in 2013 out of their passion for creation and dream to build a brand which offers products that combine tradition and modernity with originality and trends. Their story began when Galina's parents who returned from Russia, offered as a — read more

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New life to your shoes with Shoespatina

Have you ever wanted to give a new life to and old pair of shoes you love or to those hidden in the closet that you didn’t use as much as you thought you would? I did, and maybe you did too and if not, maybe now you will change your mind about it. Recently, during an event we discovered the work of Shoes Patina and we were very much impressed by them and the crazy shoes they were exposing. After the event, we decided to visit them and get to know more about the transformation — read more

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