Eleni & Eyebrows

Today I am going to tell you a story. One beautiful story featuring one amazing woman. I personally know her and have been a client and I can say she makes me feel great every time I meet her. Since I am so infatuated with her and her amazing skill, I decided to tell you all about her! Once upon a time, there was Eleni, a Greek (eyebrow) goddess who moved to Switzerland (and we thank the Gods for that) in 2012 with her family. Her background is in Marketing and had a few corporate roles (I guess we can — read more

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Best Picnic Places – Lausanne area

As the weather gets better and days longer and hotter we can see the town transforms into a huge "park" and benches are all occupied and everybody wants their place in the sun. It's safe to say that Switzerland mood lights up and it's hard to not get contaminated by it and honestly why wouldn't we?   Lausanne is beautiful with its landscape, Lake Léman, and many parks and green areas but after some reflection and camp research we come up with a short list of the "best picnic places" in Lausanne. Of course, it's really subjective and — read more

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No creepy clowns – Just Circus Startlight !

I am not the biggest fan of circus ... at all. My mother took me once when I was a child and I remember running horses, a lot of dust, some old lazy lion and most importantly not the coolest looking creepy clown who did not make me laugh. To sum up - "do you want to go see the circus show?"; "Thanks, but no thanks!". However... I did. Hey this circus is turning 30 years old this year! We are of the same age, so I decided to treat myself and give them a little — read more

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Turning a rainy day into a colorful one with L’Oréal Colorista

You probably have seen it spread all over, the new line called Colorista by L'Oréal. Released by the end of last year and available all over recently, it consists of a range of hair paints in flashy and pastel tones which you can find in different versions: spray (lasts one day or one wash), washouts (last up to 4 weeks) and finally the paints (for permanent coloring). Inspired by the looks of bloggers and influencers all over the world, this line is really adaptable and it fits perfectly with this constant changing generation. So, we have decided to give a — read more

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