Kidney beans biscuits recipe

These were called kidney beans ball! I have no clue who gave this dish such an unsuitable name!  These were supposed to replace meatballs dishes, but to me these look more like puff pastry replacements. So here we go with my vegetarian meatballs replacement dish which turned out to be something else than what I wanted, but still yummy all the same! Biscuits! I love beans but I am pretty bored of just using them plain in salads or various cooked dishes and sauces and I feel kidney beans are the best consumed in winter. I try to eat as — read more

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3 Simple Foods to Kill Your Hangover

When you wake up with a heavy head after you overdosed on that rose wine, all you need to do is to follow a few simple steps to fully recover. We all experience the hangover differently. Some of us suffer in the morning and by 3 o'clock they are ready to move forward, feeling cured. Some belong to the other group of afternoon hangovers and feel quite ok in the morning to later get hit by the afternoon pain. Some are deep in it, for the whole day... and we all feel sorry for you! But let's not cry over — read more

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