The September Playlist

We have celebrated the official first day of fall season yesterday and we have to accept the upcoming weather changes. Now, I am happy to share with you The September Playlist. The list has arrived quite late this month, but it might not take you that long to listen to it. In fact you still have 6 full days to listen to The September Playlist before the month comes to a definite end. This Fall we decided to go full on and literally focus on the fall-ing related moods. So here we go The September Playlist — read more

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The August Playlist: going loco!

The August Playlist has arrived ! Yes, yes I know, your radios are already tuned on, but spare a few minutes to go loco with this month's set. Mostly Lady Shakira is taking over this August Playlist, as we think she is the queen of going FOU. This month, some might feel the summer is close to an end, but don't let those autumn thoughts take over you! Therefore, in our August Playlist you can experience a lot of Latino sounds and vibes that will definitely prolong the summer mood in your head. Put on your rollerblades and scroll — read more

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The May Playlist: Happy Days !

May the 5th month of the year arrived SO fast !  May means summer around the corner, beginning of BBQ season, Sunday communions to attend (yes, I also thought we are over that), maybe one or two weddings (yes, I also thought we are over that), beer gardens not to miss, evening hot rains and planning your summer voyages. To cut long story short May means Happy Days. May means a new month to start over whatever you did not manage to finish in April as sunny days sure will bring you new wave of energy to act upon. — read more

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The March Playlist: Girl Power!

The March Playlist or also known as celebrating the International Women's Day when we decided to start our new music tunes shares with a super special reason to celebrate. Not to sound too pushy, but we went for Girls Power theme for sooo many reasons. There is still a lot of inequality and millions of women are being deprived of their basic rights everyday in so many places in the world. We want to remind our readers that being a woman is extremely powerful and each of us should stand for her rights! Being born on this significant holiday makes — read more

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