Why Travelling in Camper Van? – An ultimate summer adventure !

Travelling by van or in a camper sounds like a dream to many of us, right?! It brings images of freedom, no-stress day to day lifestyle, walking bare foot and having no troubles, leaving all that was city-related far behind us. Who would not dream to have a week or two in their little home on wheels and feel like this, totally free of all the everyday tasks? I guess there are many who would say - hell yeah I am in! Well, not many decide to actually do it because the time investment is huge, but let me — read more

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Top 3 summer hikes in Switzerland

Some like the seaside and beach life, some like to hike and enjoy the Swiss Alps ! My top 3 summer hikes in Switzerland are all quite close by Lausanne, and are all doable during your weekends. Before you choose the right hike for you, it does not matter where you go since mountains remain mountains, and therefore require some preparation. Before putting your hiking shoes on (please wear hiking shoes when going for a hike), remember to put this into your rucksack: Enough drinking water Second T-shirt Warm layers of clothes Rain & Wind jacket A hat Sunscreen Sunglasses — read more

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Plant-arium at your home with Terraroom

It is not a secrete that living around plants and being close with nature is beneficial for us. Once moving into your new flat or working hard on the interior of your newly purchased house, you possibly tend to consider plants as a crucial part of the décor. Some of us choose plants that bloom: a great choice when you have a terrace or a balcony! In this way you can get substitute a dream for a private garden, by simply creating a piece of it on your concrete space in the middle of the city. — read more

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