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Biliana K. – when Art and Technology co-exist!

I had the pleasure of meeting an interesting artist lately, and I must say I am very much in love with her as an individual, but even more so with the art she wants to put on display for us. And what she offers us is a mix of art and technology, which I haven’t seen done before and I can definitely say, this leads us straight into the future! Biliana k. Voden Aboutaam, because that is whom I am talking about, is a Geneva based artist of Bulgarian origins. Biliana graduated from the Fine Arts Academy — read more

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Eleni & Eyebrows

Today I am going to tell you a story. One beautiful story featuring one amazing woman. I personally know her and have been a client and I can say she makes me feel great every time I meet her. Since I am so infatuated with her and her amazing skill, I decided to tell you all about her! Once upon a time, there was Eleni, a Greek (eyebrow) goddess who moved to Switzerland (and we thank the Gods for that) in 2012 with her family. Her background is in Marketing and had a few corporate roles (I guess we can — read more

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A guided tour with The Lausanne Guide!

Just a few years ago, what to do or where to go in Lausanne was a daily challenge, many events would go unnoticed as well as the dining scene that was about to flourish but, would very often pass under the radar… The blog scene was also taking baby steps in the French speaking part of Switzerland when The Lausanne Guide started they adventure and suddenly it was like having a really trendy best friend sharing tips, recipes, advises and pushing you to walk around and discover the city. The Lausanne Guide (TLG) was for many — read more

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How to do networking when you’re shy ?

Blogging can be a solitary job with numerous hours spent in front of the computer writing articles, editing, emailing and reading tons and tons of other articles. Taping away our lives on a computer, talking to everyone online, but rarely in person. Or at least so at the beginning of the blogging career, when one creates content and juggle various aspects of the business. As most people can understand projects and ideas don’t fall from the sky so one is forced to get out of the house and get talking. But what happens when one is an introvert and has a — read more

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No creepy clowns – Just Circus Startlight !

I am not the biggest fan of circus ... at all. My mother took me once when I was a child and I remember running horses, a lot of dust, some old lazy lion and most importantly not the coolest looking creepy clown who did not make me laugh. To sum up - "do you want to go see the circus show?"; "Thanks, but no thanks!". However... I did. Hey this circus is turning 30 years old this year! We are of the same age, so I decided to treat myself and give them a little — read more

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