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From Vogue to baking cakes: An interview with ‘Le Smart Cake’ founder

By now, if you are not leaving under a rock in Lausanne, you've probably heard about Le Smart Cake… But maybe you haven't tried it yet and this is a shame. Le Smart Cake has recently celebrated one year and it is expanding quickly. Available in 35 selling points in Swiss Romande, it is the perfect treat for your afternoon cravings… But it's not just another cake without gluten or lactose, it is much more than that. First of all, it is the first product on the line of healthy gluten-free and lactose-free that really taste — read more

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Eleni & Eyebrows

Today I am going to tell you a story. One beautiful story featuring one amazing woman. I personally know her and have been a client and I can say she makes me feel great every time I meet her. Since I am so infatuated with her and her amazing skill, I decided to tell you all about her! Once upon a time, there was Eleni, a Greek (eyebrow) goddess who moved to Switzerland (and we thank the Gods for that) in 2012 with her family. Her background is in Marketing and had a few corporate roles (I guess we can — read more

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Our experience with natural cosmetics – Testing AMALIVE

Our team was recently graced with a new discovery in cosmetics and we really want to share this with you. During an entrepreneurs meeting in Lausanne, our Editor in Chief discover this new cosmetics brand from Switzerland. All is produced and created in their atelier in Geneva and they sell on the internet through their website. AMALIVE was created by Amanda, she had this epiphany when she read that "all that we apply on our skin should be able for us to eat". Already a passionate by the subject and a professional of aromatherapy she started doing her — read more

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