Fashion styles when you work from home!

To all the freelancers out there, this is the time to talk more about your fashion and less about your work. Perhaps you and your computer work from the bedroom or the living room or even your garden. Perhaps you are a working from home mum or a one-person company starting your own business. Perhaps you are a writer or an editor and you can work from wherever you are. Whatever your situation, we came up with some work outfits and some small rules you should follow, to avoid feeling sad and alone. As every workplace involves a dress code, — read more

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Unicorn with rainbow hair – meeting Diana Rikasari

Les Toiles Studio: Hey Diana ! Welcome to Switzerland ! We were so happy to discover your presence in Lausanne and excited to finally meet you! How do you feel living in Lausanne? Relocating from so far away must have been a shock.  What did you learn from this big change? Diana: Moving to a new country that is extremely different compared to where I come from has taught me a LOT of things. I learn to appreciate that people and the way people live is very unique from one another, but it all comes back to the same thing — read more

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Plant-arium at your home with Terraroom

It is not a secrete that living around plants and being close with nature is beneficial for us. Once moving into your new flat or working hard on the interior of your newly purchased house, you possibly tend to consider plants as a crucial part of the décor. Some of us choose plants that bloom: a great choice when you have a terrace or a balcony! In this way you can get substitute a dream for a private garden, by simply creating a piece of it on your concrete space in the middle of the city. — read more

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