Spices Inspired – interview with Olga Corsini

Les Toiles Studio: Hi Olga! Could you please explain to our readers how has your design career started and when did you begin to work on your own brand? Olga Corsini: I started loving jewellery and gemstones when I was very young. My father is a gemstone collector and he gave me a beautiful 11 ct aquamarine for my 14th birthday. Together we created my first ring that I still love and wear very often. My French grandmother too influenced my passion. She was a jewellery addict and she was always bringing me to look at Place Vendome jewels, when I — read more

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When Hayekk met Swarovski – interview with Yousra Zein

Flowers or chocolate? Jewels or shoes? So many choices, so little time! And actually, we want it all... When we received some pieces from the new Swarovski collection, we couldn’t help but imagine a breathtaking scenario and a unique model to add even more layers to our dream. So we went for it...    Sometimes our dreams do come true. We paired Swarovski's most unique and signature pieces with one of the most unique Swiss bloggers Yousra Zein aka Hayekk. For this special moment, we've chosen to shoot at the beautiful Romain C.  tea & pastry shop based in our beloved — read more

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