DforDesign – improving your interiors with Silvia

Les Toiles Studio: Hi Silvia! Thank you for talking with us. Can you please introduce yourself and tell us why did you choose to become an interior designer? Silvia: Hi Les Toiles Studio! I’m Silvia, interior designer and blogger. I have Italian origins and I’m currently based in Switzerland. One thing that describes me above everything else is that I’m constantly looking for inspiration. I like to find it in common everyday things and the number of photos I have on my phone is a pretty good evidence! “Why I chose to become an interior designer” is an interesting question. Looking back, I — read more

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Interior design tips with MA LOVE

Many of us dream to live in beautiful homes and flats that makes us feel good and cosy. Busy city life, stress and everyday routines encourage for creating the private nests the way people dream of. As many people want to live surrounded by nice objects and beautiful home decoration, the majority simply do not have the good skills to actually realise this beautiful home-mood. We know we want it, but we don't know how to achieve it. We often buy new home docore products being inspired by our friends places, looking through IKEA catalogues or by some shows — read more

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Why Travelling in Camper Van? – An ultimate summer adventure !

Travelling by van or in a camper sounds like a dream to many of us, right?! It brings images of freedom, no-stress day to day lifestyle, walking bare foot and having no troubles, leaving all that was city-related far behind us. Who would not dream to have a week or two in their little home on wheels and feel like this, totally free of all the everyday tasks? I guess there are many who would say - hell yeah I am in! Well, not many decide to actually do it because the time investment is huge, but let me — read more

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