Sisters Stories & the love in a family business

Les Toiles Studio: Hi Sisters! What is your story? Sisters Stories: Hello! We are, as the name says, two sisters ☺, one graduated from a design and fashion school, the other has ten years of marketing experience. When we were kids, we were already creating and crafting cards for our family. Born in Geneva and being passionate about interior decoration and having a strong interest in paper art, we noticed that the variety of paper goods here in Geneva, especially when it comes to personalisation, was limited. Trained in London with different illustrators on lettering, we practised a lot and launched our label a bit more than two — read more

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Paper Art Cutouts – Gang of Freyja

In the digital and screen-based world we are living we found a special world made out of paper. Paper in multicolours, shapes and textures, thicknesses and patterns, all physical and lovely. The paper art created by Juliette who is the brain and the soul of Gang of Freyja. Who is Freyja ? That was my first question I have asked Juliette when visiting her atelier in Geneva. Her work space is inviting and fresh, with a lot of daylight and a lot of paper! Walls covered with mood-boards and inspiration boards. I was scanning with my — read more

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New life to your shoes with Shoespatina

Have you ever wanted to give a new life to and old pair of shoes you love or to those hidden in the closet that you didn’t use as much as you thought you would? I did, and maybe you did too and if not, maybe now you will change your mind about it. Recently, during an event we discovered the work of Shoes Patina and we were very much impressed by them and the crazy shoes they were exposing. After the event, we decided to visit them and get to know more about the transformation — read more

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Summer #Glampopup

Last week in Geneva we had a chance to take part in the Summer edition of the Glampop-up event organised at Vapiano restaurant right in the city centre. From late afternoon until late evening a range of local designers and creators were showcasing their work to the public and invited guests. There was a lot of good vibes, laughs and positive atmosphere accompanied by great DJ set. Each of the showcasing creators were presenting great quality of work and the level of their creativity is quite high. For those who love jewellery at this Summer Glampopup event there were Les — read more

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How to do networking when you’re shy ?

Blogging can be a solitary job with numerous hours spent in front of the computer writing articles, editing, emailing and reading tons and tons of other articles. Taping away our lives on a computer, talking to everyone online, but rarely in person. Or at least so at the beginning of the blogging career, when one creates content and juggle various aspects of the business. As most people can understand projects and ideas don’t fall from the sky so one is forced to get out of the house and get talking. But what happens when one is an introvert and has a — read more

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