From Vogue to baking cakes: An interview with ‘Le Smart Cake’ founder

By now, if you are not leaving under a rock in Lausanne, you've probably heard about Le Smart Cake… But maybe you haven't tried it yet and this is a shame. Le Smart Cake has recently celebrated one year and it is expanding quickly. Available in 35 selling points in Swiss Romande, it is the perfect treat for your afternoon cravings… But it's not just another cake without gluten or lactose, it is much more than that. First of all, it is the first product on the line of healthy gluten-free and lactose-free that really taste — read more

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Best Burgers in Lausanne Region- Editor’s Choice

Eating a burger everyday is probably not the healthiest decision. Tempting for my stomach, not so much for my arteries. But, a burger a week ? It’s my life motto. They are so simple yet so delicious. I have eaten so many burgers in my life, I think I became an expert in the matter. The list could go for years. But, for now, let’s focus on Lausanne. I was happily surprised when I first arrived to Lausanne. It is a small city but the burger options are quite large. Check out the list (and mouthwatering pictures) — read more

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6 Food Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

As a big fan of food, my Instagram feed has to be full of very tempting pictures, obviously. Every time I go on the app, which is every hour/half AT LEAST (I think I might have a problem), a picture of a burger, pasta, brunch, any kind of food pops up ! I’m some kind of food masochist. However, this long and both beautiful and torturer experience of watching food online that I am not eating makes me an (autoproclaimed) expert when it comes to what accounts to follow. Join me in this food masochism and we’ll make a readers club or a — read more

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