PANCS for different type of pancakes

If you are craving for some comfort food, pancakes sound just right to fulfil your food cravings, don't you think ? Pancs Lausanne located right in the heart of the city centre in Bel Air, is the perfect place to stop for a nice bite during lunch time, breakfast or perhaps an afternoon snack. Still a relatively new place on the Lausanne food map, the interior of Pancs welcomes you with nice, bright modern looks and friendly staff. The place is also pretty nice to grab a quick bite and take it in the park with you. It is kept — read more

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A traditional Romanian Easter celebration

A few days passed since Easter and I have always felt Easter is a combination between lot of chaos, but also a lot of great moments. First of all, Easter has this tricky way of never falling in the same day so you have to be ready for a colder Easter, as this year was in April, or a nice and sunny one in May like during the other years. Then you also have this crazy separation between Orthodox and Catholic Easter dates. There is always a week in between these two. As I work in Switzerland, Easter falls — read more

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Portugal – Little Guide of Undiscovered Places

Portugal - a relatively small, Europe's westernmost country, located in the Iberian Peninsula. Nowadays Lisbon - the capitol of Portugal - is a highly visited city all year long and I am sure many of you reading this text have already been there at least once. Indeed, Lisbon has a lot to offer, and it is certainly a city that you want to come back to. However, in this short article I am going to show you 3 more reasons why it is worth returning to Portugal, and this time my short list won't include Lisbon. — read more

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Best Burgers in Lausanne Region- Editor’s Choice

Eating a burger everyday is probably not the healthiest decision. Tempting for my stomach, not so much for my arteries. But, a burger a week ? It’s my life motto. They are so simple yet so delicious. I have eaten so many burgers in my life, I think I became an expert in the matter. The list could go for years. But, for now, let’s focus on Lausanne. I was happily surprised when I first arrived to Lausanne. It is a small city but the burger options are quite large. Check out the list (and mouthwatering pictures) — read more

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6 Food Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

As a big fan of food, my Instagram feed has to be full of very tempting pictures, obviously. Every time I go on the app, which is every hour/half AT LEAST (I think I might have a problem), a picture of a burger, pasta, brunch, any kind of food pops up ! I’m some kind of food masochist. However, this long and both beautiful and torturer experience of watching food online that I am not eating makes me an (autoproclaimed) expert when it comes to what accounts to follow. Join me in this food masochism and we’ll make a readers club or a — read more

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When in Zurich, try the freshness of Juicery 21

Summer is around the corner and all we want are sunny days, some time outside and fresh food, right? So recently, we were in Zurich for some meeting and we had the chance to experience the new sensation in town, Juicery 21. With a very straightforward concept, Juicery 21 serves cold-pressed juices and shakes, prepared in loco with help of this huge pressing machine they have downstairs. The combinations are interesting (like beetroot, apple, and lemon) and the names are fun and attractive (Recovery, Hot Lemon…). They pay attention to details, with their labels and glass bottles, — read more

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