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(G)(F)ood talk with Sara

Les Toiles Studio: Hi Sara ! Thanks for meeting with us and sharing your story, but we should start our talk by saying congratulations to you ! Can you share the good news with our readers?  Sara: I am very excited to finally be able to share my wonderful news ! I have won my very first blog award !!! I collected my Health Blog Award from the Health Bloggers Community for best “Best European Blog” on Saturday 15thSeptember in London. I was truly overwhelmed to even be nominated for this category, never mind win, as I still feel like a newcomer to — read more

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Best Burgers in Lausanne Region- Editor’s Choice

Eating a burger everyday is probably not the healthiest decision. Tempting for my stomach, not so much for my arteries. But, a burger a week ? It’s my life motto. They are so simple yet so delicious. I have eaten so many burgers in my life, I think I became an expert in the matter. The list could go for years. But, for now, let’s focus on Lausanne. I was happily surprised when I first arrived to Lausanne. It is a small city but the burger options are quite large. Check out the list (and mouthwatering pictures) — read more

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