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PANCS for different type of pancakes

If you are craving for some comfort food, pancakes sound just right to fulfil your food cravings, don't you think ? Pancs Lausanne located right in the heart of the city centre in Bel Air, is the perfect place to stop for a nice bite during lunch time, breakfast or perhaps an afternoon snack. Still a relatively new place on the Lausanne food map, the interior of Pancs welcomes you with nice, bright modern looks and friendly staff. The place is also pretty nice to grab a quick bite and take it in the park with you. It is kept — read more

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(G)(F)ood talk with Sara

Les Toiles Studio: Hi Sara ! Thanks for meeting with us and sharing your story, but we should start our talk by saying congratulations to you ! Can you share the good news with our readers?  Sara: I am very excited to finally be able to share my wonderful news ! I have won my very first blog award !!! I collected my Health Blog Award from the Health Bloggers Community for best “Best European Blog” on Saturday 15thSeptember in London. I was truly overwhelmed to even be nominated for this category, never mind win, as I still feel like a newcomer to — read more

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3 Simple Foods to Kill Your Hangover

When you wake up with a heavy head after you overdosed on that rose wine, all you need to do is to follow a few simple steps to fully recover. We all experience the hangover differently. Some of us suffer in the morning and by 3 o'clock they are ready to move forward, feeling cured. Some belong to the other group of afternoon hangovers and feel quite ok in the morning to later get hit by the afternoon pain. Some are deep in it, for the whole day... and we all feel sorry for you! But let's not cry over — read more

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Best places to eat heavy wintery food in Lausanne

I am continuing the crazy wintery articles that I need to write for Les Toiles with one about food. I really hate the idea of summer gone! I am not such a big foodie as Mora is, but I really like the Swiss selection in winter. Starting with game meals in autumn and continuing with cold plates or fondues in winter, there are plenty of choices within reach. Meat and cheese are the obvious choices and possibly the only things on the menu. So, let’s see where we can get the best heavy wintery food in — read more

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