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Unicorn with rainbow hair – meeting Diana Rikasari

Les Toiles Studio: Hey Diana ! Welcome to Switzerland ! We were so happy to discover your presence in Lausanne and excited to finally meet you! How do you feel living in Lausanne? Relocating from so far away must have been a shock.  What did you learn from this big change? Diana: Moving to a new country that is extremely different compared to where I come from has taught me a LOT of things. I learn to appreciate that people and the way people live is very unique from one another, but it all comes back to the same thing — read more

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Your Best Xmas Movies

It's the best time of the year .. darkness outside the windows when you wake up, darkness when you return home from work or school. Life slows down and so do we. The time we all waited for has slowly, but surely arrived... It's the time of evening movie watching of course ! Imagine, you sitting on a comfy sofa, in front of (choose your size) screen, phone switched off, main door locked, blanket ready.. Hot cocoa or cold beer within reach, some snacks of choice ready to be eaten.. Just you and your best 90 or so minutes — read more

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Music Festival – Style & trends!

Festival season is officially open through Europe and it's hard to not get lost with the so many options and so many tickets. Many people save their entire year to "attack" as many festivals as they can and see all their favorite artists. There's something about music festivals’ ambiance that is so nice, probably the fact that most people are there for the same reason, to enjoy music and dance the problems away. Of course, drinks, parties, and festival food also help. Another great thing about music festivals is the many great fashion looks we are able to — read more

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