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Getting to know Forêt Bleue

Les Toiles Studio: Hello Emmanuelle, for the readers that still do not know about Forêt Bleue – can you please tell us what Forêt Bleue is and how did you develop the passion for what you do now? Emmanuelle: Hi there Les Toiles! Forêt Bleue is a natural and responsible cosmetics brand, all handmade in Geneva. Forêt Bleue range includes hygiene products such as soaps, — read more

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Zero Waste Life

What is Zero Waste Life ? Zero waste life is a philosophy, lifestyle and approach in one. Zero waste invites to a new way of consuming goods in order to eliminate waste we produce, it aims to use everything in the process and end up with a minimal or ideally zero waste. Basically we aim to send zero waste to landfills. As we can read on the Going Zero Waste website "We reduce what we need, reuse as much as we can, send little to be recycled, and compost what we cannot". In order to go zero waste we need — read more

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Women Only: A New Take on Your Special Days

The topic we bring up in this article is one that only women will (fully) understand, at least that is what we think. There are the days in the month that we all need to face some tough moments and those days are an unavoidable part of our women-hood existence. It is never easy to bring up the topic of female period, as it is one of those things that seem to be visualised by minimal photographs of smiling white women. Not to be too graphic of course, we all have limits when it comes to human-down-to-earth stuff, and — read more

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Our experience with natural cosmetics – Testing AMALIVE

Our team was recently graced with a new discovery in cosmetics and we really want to share this with you. During an entrepreneurs meeting in Lausanne, our Editor in Chief discover this new cosmetics brand from Switzerland. All is produced and created in their atelier in Geneva and they sell on the internet through their website. AMALIVE was created by Amanda, she had this epiphany when she read that "all that we apply on our skin should be able for us to eat". Already a passionate by the subject and a professional of aromatherapy she started doing her — read more

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Our time with Tallis – A good reason to look forward for winter

Since the beginning of this year we had the chance to test loads of new brands and even services. But this is the first time we started working with a clothing brand and we must say we did not even know how to proceed. Could we have tested a piece of clothing during a shooting only or would we need to spend days and days in it to be able to form an opinion? We made different scenarios before we got the products and we decided on a million ways of shooting the — read more

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A colourful moment with Margot from the Pastel Project

Margot Gilbert is the girl behind The Pastel Project, a very cool blog that proves she does not take herself too seriously but also that she takes really seriously what she does. If you take a closer look at the Pastel Project you can see Margot’s evolution into a fashion conscious blogger and this is not only reflected by her clothing choices but also by her lifestyle. We had this cool moment with Margot in Geneva where we tried to take her into a very urban non-pastel colours context to take some photos and talk about — read more

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