DforDesign – improving your interiors with Silvia

Les Toiles Studio: Hi Silvia! Thank you for talking with us. Can you please introduce yourself and tell us why did you choose to become an interior designer? Silvia: Hi Les Toiles Studio! I’m Silvia, interior designer and blogger. I have Italian origins and I’m currently based in Switzerland. One thing that describes me above everything else is that I’m constantly looking for inspiration. I like to find it in common everyday things and the number of photos I have on my phone is a pretty good evidence! “Why I chose to become an interior designer” is an interesting question. Looking back, I — read more

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Let’s play! Discover Atelier Maurice

I still remember this round, slightly brownish, made of plastic face of my beloved childhood doll named Agatha. She had hair made out of pink wool and the rest of her body was made out of fabric stuffed with cotton. Classic, but perhaps a scary doll nowadays. I really felt she has a soul and I can say it out loud: she meant a lot for me. Oh Agatha - what happened to you? While scrolling Instagram I came across Atelier Maurice with a fresh feed with photographs of different mascots. This immediately reminded me of my childhood toys, teddy — read more

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Paper Art Cutouts – Gang of Freyja

In the digital and screen-based world we are living we found a special world made out of paper. Paper in multicolours, shapes and textures, thicknesses and patterns, all physical and lovely. The paper art created by Juliette who is the brain and the soul of Gang of Freyja. Who is Freyja ? That was my first question I have asked Juliette when visiting her atelier in Geneva. Her work space is inviting and fresh, with a lot of daylight and a lot of paper! Walls covered with mood-boards and inspiration boards. I was scanning with my — read more

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Plant-arium at your home with Terraroom

It is not a secrete that living around plants and being close with nature is beneficial for us. Once moving into your new flat or working hard on the interior of your newly purchased house, you possibly tend to consider plants as a crucial part of the décor. Some of us choose plants that bloom: a great choice when you have a terrace or a balcony! In this way you can get substitute a dream for a private garden, by simply creating a piece of it on your concrete space in the middle of the city. — read more

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