Getting to know Forêt Bleue

Les Toiles Studio: Hello Emmanuelle, for the readers that still do not know about Forêt Bleue – can you please tell us what Forêt Bleue is and how did you develop the passion for what you do now? Emmanuelle: Hi there Les Toiles! Forêt Bleue is a natural and responsible cosmetics brand, all handmade in Geneva. Forêt Bleue range includes hygiene products such as soaps, — read more

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No to Getting Old?

Lately I have had a few weird thoughts. I have been doing my makeup to go out in front of the window when the sun was high up on the sky already and I got to see more than I probably should have. I could see the years going by on my face; slightly, slightly but still noticeable. Fine wrinkles around the eyes and some deeper expression ones, but there they were. I must say there were a few moments of complete panic over the next days. Every time I looked in a mirror I could only see wrinkles, — read more

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RITUALS for body & home: interview with Raymond Cloosterman

The busy no-break lifestyle of the modern human living in the western world was a great starting point for Raymond Cloosterman, the CEO and founder of Rituals to develop a brand whose goal was to bring a helpful tool of comforting body and house products. We had a chance to talk to Raymond during the opening of the new RITUALS shop in Lausanne. This charming Dutch man who loves Switzerland for its natural beauty, skiing vacations and because it is a place where, as Raymond claims, Rituals had the best start of any country in Europe with an — read more

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