When you don’t like Xmas – Travel guide

As the most wonderful time of the year approaches fast, most of us get excited and ready to celebrate Christmas; that is, unless you are not one of 'us' ... and all you really want to do is not celebrate Christmas. There is still time to decide how you will spend this time of the year while others roast chestnuts over the open fire. Last minute holidays? You say: yes please! There are plenty of travel agencies ready to receive you and help you out in this jingle bells misery. I once spent the Xmas holidays on the beach! — read more

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Your Best Xmas Movies

It's the best time of the year .. darkness outside the windows when you wake up, darkness when you return home from work or school. Life slows down and so do we. The time we all waited for has slowly, but surely arrived... It's the time of evening movie watching of course ! Imagine, you sitting on a comfy sofa, in front of (choose your size) screen, phone switched off, main door locked, blanket ready.. Hot cocoa or cold beer within reach, some snacks of choice ready to be eaten.. Just you and your best 90 or so minutes — read more

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My First White Christmas

Growing up in the Latin America, I always spent Christmas in hot weather. I was never a big fan of this holiday, because it was way too hot where I was and the decorations don’t really fit with the weather. You would think people eat more « light » food for this holiday. No. They eat as they were stranded on the North Pole. Of course, there are some salads here and there, but it is mostly about hot and really heavy food. In my experience, this didn’t help enjoy the holiday. I wanted — read more

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