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Friday off with Mademoiselle B.

Known by many in the area as Mademoiselle B. the lifestyle blogger and event attender, Barbara talked to us about her work and her blogging dreams. We met with Barbara in the Luigia Restaurant in Lausanne just before the weekend started. She has a true outgoing personality with tones of energy and good vibes! At the same time, she is a very down to earth girl that we all want to be friends with. And even though when you are reading this might not be Friday exactly, this word might change it's original meaning by the time you finish scrolling down — read more

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Unicorn with rainbow hair – meeting Diana Rikasari

Les Toiles Studio: Hey Diana ! Welcome to Switzerland ! We were so happy to discover your presence in Lausanne and excited to finally meet you! How do you feel living in Lausanne? Relocating from so far away must have been a shock.  What did you learn from this big change? Diana: Moving to a new country that is extremely different compared to where I come from has taught me a LOT of things. I learn to appreciate that people and the way people live is very unique from one another, but it all comes back to the same thing — read more

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15 trending Fashion Micro-Influencers in Switzerland to watch on 2018

We all know celebrities are influential, but in today’s fashion industry, micro-influencers seem to have an even bigger impact. We all want to see more and more authentic stuff that we can relate to and adapt in our everyday needs. This is why style bloggers are becoming increasingly popular all over the world. Living in Switzerland or passionate about Swiss style? The SEO specialists of Minthical Brand Stories came up with a list of fashion micro influencers in Switzerland that are trending right now, so check out these creative people and be sure to catch their — read more

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