Summer In The City

It’s not New York, but it’s a city we all love. Especially during summer. But what is there to do in summer, you might ask? What happens to all people who cannot take holidays during summer, like me, and still want to feel like on holidays when they escape work, potentially earlier on a Friday evening. Apart from exploring the awesome city during summer, taking long walks during summer, hopping from terrace to terrace or just eating a gelato and exploring the beautiful architecture of the city, there is plenty more to do.

I love Lausanne during summer, I love the lakeside where I just walk around or sit under the shadow of a tree and think of the future, (sometimes I just blank out), I love the million parks we have in the city which serve their purpose on a hot summer day. There are many terraces that pop up during summer and every corner you take, you find a smaller or bigger terrace, very down to Earth and very casual. The great thing about people living in Lausanne is that you would see a crazy mix of people wearing flip flops and suits at the same table, chatting happily and sipping beer.

Let’s not forget the World Cup that went around during the summer and the even more bars that opened up during summer and the numerous screens we had everywhere. Pretty cool moments, even if you are not a football fan. The atmosphere is just awesome in Lausanne during summer!

Let’s not forget about the awesome street singers you have everywhere in Lausanne and that seem to be much better and more talented during summer! I know for some these can become quite annoying and people tend to ignore them, I see the beauty in all these street singers and the amazing talent some have. Who knows, maybe we discover the next Ed Sheeran on the streets of Lausanne. Don’t forget to pay attention to all that surrounds you, it makes you happier and makes you see life for what it is: simply beautiful.

Ah, summer in the city!

I love the picnics on the grass in the many parks of Lausanne, accompanied by the regular bubble tea or beer. It feels great to take some time to eat properly and watch the green of the grass, the beautiful flowers and listen to the birds that dare to get out and about on this heat. It’s lovely to see tons of people popping out in the sun during lunch time and mothers with babies strolling around the city, all smiley and happy.

Lausanne has many hidden gems and is waiting quietly and patiently for us to discover them. From food places, to parks, the lake, gelato places, bars or clubs, there is plenty to do. I recommend taking some Vitamin D as much as possible and spending as much time outside as possible. If not now, then when?

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Magda is a dreamer & an enthusiastic writer, in love with turquoise and traveling. She dislikes artichokes, is an avid worker and goals achiever, a proud Romanian and a vintage enthusiast. Magda brings her love for retro and vintage pieces into a modern, creative and funny context both on Les Toiles and her own blog Magda Oltean

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