Les Toiles Studio is a creative studio connecting brands with relevant influencers.


We are here to present you great local brands, awesome people and fun places and we do it all through photography and great writing. We have gathered a wide knowledge of the market since we started Les Toiles Studio and collaborate on a daily basis with cool people in Switzerland. Take advantage of our hospitality and come have a cup of tea with us and share your story so we can get it better known.

Our creative team will help you with photography and social media needs and will manage your collaborations with your desired brands on the Swiss market.

Let us be your Public Relations team and we will keep you busy! All you need to do is contact us, tell us your story and we will grow your business and awareness with the right people. And we will have fun while doing it!


If you want to work or collaborate with our creative team and make your vision a reality contact us at team@les-toiles.com