Spices Inspired – interview with Olga Corsini

Les Toiles Studio: Hi Olga! Could you please explain to our readers how has your design career started and when did you begin to work on your own brand?

Olga Corsini: I started loving jewellery and gemstones when I was very young. My father is a gemstone collector and he gave me a beautiful 11 ct aquamarine for my 14th birthday. Together we created my first ring that I still love and wear very often. My French grandmother too influenced my passion. She was a jewellery addict and she was always bringing me to look at Place Vendome jewels, when I was in Paris visiting her.

I started studying at the Goldsmith School of Florence at the age of 16. Later I moved to Milan to achieve my BA at the European School of Design. My career started when I was 23, chosen as junior Jewellery Design for Bulgari in Rome. Then I moved to Florence working for Gucci and finally to Paris, designing for Chaumet. After 15 years at the service for big brands, I decided to start creating under my own name. I founded Olga Corsini Jewelry at the end of 2016.

Les Toiles Studio: We know you often work around the spices theme and you take a lot of inspiration form the world of spices. Can you expand a bit on this theme and the story behind it?

Olga Corsini: I chose to have a common inspirational theme to tell a story, and I chose Spices for two main reasons:

  • The historical aspect, as spices are very old and precious ingredients. In the middle age they were arriving in Florence (my home city) together with gold, silk and gemstones (As part of the famous silk route…)
  • The link with women, as spices are like women, they impart life with indisputable taste! Women are so different, and each with her own unique personality and temperament – and these correspond to certain spices. For example, a vanilla woman is not at all like a pepper woman.


Les Toiles Studio: You often work on bespoken jewels that you design for your clients individually. How would you describe your working process when designing new pieces of jewellery? How is your relationship with a client throughout the process?  

Olga Corsini: Yes, tailor made creations are a big part of my work. Before the contemporary era, a jewel was always a unique piece, created for a single person and ordered by another, for a special occasion. When I work for a bespoken, unique piece we go back in time together with my client. First, I listen to my client’s desires and dreams, to understand his or her personality, personal history and dreams. The goal is to create something they have not even imagined before. Then we focus on the jewel, starting the design approach.

I sketch different ideas, I look for the perfect stone, I work on a real model and finally I work close to my artisans who will realize the final piece. Every bespoke creation is realized one single time and cannot be repeated. It is a truly piece of art, full of emotions, poetry and handcraft know-how.

Les Toiles Studio: Do you often personally meet with your clients? We heard that the meetings you are organizing are one of a kind. Can you tell us more about some of them?

Olga Corsini: It’s true. I love to meet my clients and spend time together. My clients are my biggest inspiration. This is the reason I wish to meet them. I want to understand what they like and what they don’t like. What is nice for them and what is not. What is missing, or what is perfectly adaptable. Especially for the bespoke service I offer, I need time to know my client in order to create a piece perfectly matching her or his style. The perfect meeting should be informal, could be in my studio or at my client’s home with a cup of coffee. We should feel fine, relaxed and have time to establish a good relationship…. Then the ideas and creativity come along!


Les Toiles Studio: What does jewellery wearing and jewellery making mean to you? Can you expand on the general concept of jewels and what in your opinion should these express?

Olga Corsini: This is a hard question, because jewels mean a lot of things to me: love, rarity, uniqueness, value, history, handcraft and beauty…and all these things in a few grams; it’s totally crazy don’t you agree? A jewel has always a story behind it– and this is great. It adds an even bigger value to the piece.

Les Toiles Studio: As you are so close to your Italian origins, we wanted to ask: what is your favourite Italian dish and why?

Olga Corsini: For summer time: la Panzanella, a very old Tuscany dish made of wheat bread, cucumbers, tomatoes and olive oil of course.  I like it because it is simple, fresh and tastes so good! For winter time: La bistecca alla Fiorentina (meat) –  it’s so tasteful, you need to try it!

Thank you Olga for talking with us!
You can discover the full collections of Olga Corsini on her the website and Instagram. 
Styling: Laura Fele 
Photographs: Jagoda Wisniewska 

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