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Who does not know Frida Kahlo should now hide under some table and do their homework. Frida is an iconic Mexican artist loved by many across the world. Known for her characteristic beauty and look, so often depicted on many of her self portraits, personal struggles with illness and pain, and her not less iconic relationship with the famous artists Diego Rivera. Frida’s creations have their origins in Mexican folk culture and catholic mythology. The Tate Modern considers Frida Kahlo as “one of the most important artists of the twentieth century” and Frida’s figure is constantly linked with feminist scholars who often relate to her in the recognition of female, non- Western artists. This overall popular interest in Frida has a name now: “Fridomania”, and it can be clearly noticed by the amount of books, stories and movies made around her iconic figure and iconic life story. Without a doubt Frida Kahlo is one of the most recognisable artist.

Luckily Switzerland has its own way to express the love for Frida! Exciting news for all of those who want to once again experience the icon in a slightly different way. Following the famous quote of the artists herself “Je Te Ciel”,  Theatre du Crochetan opens a new exhibition under this title that will run between January 12 and March 30th 2018. Three female illustrator artists were asked to interpret the art of Frida Kahlo and apply their inspirations into their own styles and approaches in order to create new pieces for the theme “Je Te Ciel”.

Now, do you remember the talented illustrator and tattoo artists Tami Hopf that we met at the end of last year? We have visited Tami’s atelier in Vevey where we met with David from Not an It- Boy and followed their little tattoo session you can see in this article. Now we are so happy to see new pieces of Tami’s at the exhibition in the Theatre du Crochetan.

Along Tami’s art pieces we can discover the work of another two talented female artist.

Cecile Giovannini is a Swiss- Italian illustrator, who is currently based in Martigny, where she works on commissioned and self initiated projects, often collaborating with themusic industry. Her work explores colours and takes inspiration from cinema and literature, and manoeuvres between the dreamy fantasy and reality. We absolutely fell in love with Cecile’s bold way of drawing and bringing up the fantasy characters and inner worlds to live on paper!

In contrast to Cecile’s pieces we can discover another unique style of drawing by the third artists featured in the exhibition “Je Te Ciel”.

Natacha Veen is a graduate from ECAL in Lausanne and is currently based in Lutry. As a graphic designer her style is minimal, but playful. She often works with mono colours and explores details of  depicted characters, objects and worlds she draws. Her technique makes the pieces very characteristic and recognisable. Natacha’s works varies from creation on paper, walls or 3d printed objects.

The exhibition “Je Te Ciel” with works by three female illustrators Natacha Veen, Tami Hopf and Cecile Giovannini is on show in the Theatre du Crochetan from January 12the until 30th of March 2018. Make sure not to miss the chance to see full show and learn more about the featured artists. This show brings yet another life to Frida’s iconic being and keeps the spirits of her art alive !

Text by Jagoda 
Images are courtesy of Theatre du Crochetan
Original sources.
Realised in January 2017

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