One day at the office with Sparkling Gold by sodastream

The day when we decided to try the new Sparkling Gold by sodastream was a very gloomy Tuesday at the office when we had enough of work and wanted to change it up a bit. Jagoda and myself decided it was a perfect moment to see how the Sparkling Gold we received a few days before really worked. And…maybe we should have waited for Dan to come and help us! For sure tomorrow will not do this ourselves anymore.

We took our sodastream and found the perfect place to start mixing our drinks. We took some raspberries, we prepared some pretty champagne glasses to make it all fancy and go all in. This is the point until when it all worked perfectly. The instructions were guiding us to put 1 quantity of Sparkling Gold and 5 of water in the bottle and add it in the sodastream, press the button and voila! And press the button we did! Until it all bubbled out of our bottle and flooded the entire kitchen in the office!

Comple fail for the first try but we had fun cleaning it all! Our kitchen is spotless now! All except the walls which have a yellowing tint now! Oh and it smells like in a bar but it’s ok, we like parties!

But hey, we’d do anything to try new stuff and enjoy our work days. In the end, Dan came to the office and prepared the drinks for us and we sipped like pretty ladies from our glasses filled with raspberries.

In what concerns the taste, we will tell you more a little bit later. We still have half of the bottle left! And we feel we need to get a little better at preparing our own drinks. It is definitely alcoholic, it tastes like a sparkling wine, looks like one as well and we have enjoyed the entire experience of how creating our own mix. Plus it’s pretty affordable and you can prepare a lot of mix!

We have definitely missed a career in bartending! Since we are so great at preparing drinks! 🙂

Thank you Contcept for sending us this awesome new toy from sodastream. We had so much fun!

Images: Jagoda Wisniewska Text: Magda
Realised in Lausanne, 2018

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