Sisters Stories & the love in a family business

Les Toiles Studio: Hi Sisters! What is your story?

Sisters Stories: Hello! We are, as the name says, two sisters ☺, one graduated from a design and fashion school, the other has ten years of marketing experience. When we were kids, we were already creating and crafting cards for our family. Born in Geneva and being passionate about interior decoration and having a strong interest in paper art, we noticed that the variety of paper goods here in Geneva, especially when it comes to personalisation, was limited. Trained in London with different illustrators on lettering, we practised a lot and launched our label a bit more than two years ago. It started in December 2015 with a small Christmas sale with our friends and family and then everything went relatively fast and we were extremely lucky to get more and more requests.

Les Toiles Studio: How is it for 2 siblings to work together and run a business together? What are the ups and what are the downs of working together as a family business?

Sisters Stories: We often tell people we wouldn’t have considered creating a business with anyone else but each other because we know each other so well. The positives are numerous; our very close relationship (in spite of nine years which separate us), a blind trust in each other and absolutely no jealousy. We compliment each other very well. Whilst we have the same vision, we often have different opinions or tastes, which adds diversity to our portfolio. The negative we could see is that because of the closeness of our relationship, we never hold anything back, have absolutely no filter and are very (too) direct (laughs).

Les Toiles Studio: What are your favourite lettering and illustrating techniques?

Sisters Stories: We specialized in the brush lettering technique, which we really appreciate. This calligraphy technique is usually done with a brush and is a mix of thin and thick strokes, which we think gives a very aesthetic look. This style is promoted through our paper goods such as cards, notebooks, mugs, t-shirts or bags. We really like mixing the brush lettering with other typographies or existing fonts. Whilst we focus on the brush lettering, we also love from time to time to draw watercolour illustrations (such as eucalyptus, olive leaves, cactus or fruits) for wedding invites or in our postcards collection.

Les Toiles Studio: What are your main inspirations for the illustrations you are making?

Sisters Stories: We are very inspired by anglo-saxon culture so we tend to write and create a lot in English. We draw our inspiration from decoration magazines, art, food and nature. Lettering has something universal yet very personal and unique. Through inspirations, each of us reveals a bit of his personality.

Les Toiles Studio: Do you think that in the digital era that we are living in, paper art and illustrations are still valid? What do you think is the future for paper made cards and letters.

Sisters Stories: That is a question we often get and yes we definitely think paper art is still valid! With stressful lives and overloaded diaries, people want to get back to fundamentals and the DIY “make your own” has become extremely popular and successful; it goes over the digital era. We also noticed people love personalised items and get personal satisfaction out of creating something with their own hands or participating in our workshops for example. In addition there are still some areas where the digital world is not yet a leader. Take weddings; you do not see a lot of digital invitations. Meeting clients is a very important part of our work. Getting to know them, their stories and exchange on their wishes is something we love. It not only allows us to create something which resemble them but they also can benefit from choosing and touching the paper, all the small finishes touches which are so precious in stationery. Yet for our business digital support such as social medias is key. Our instagram account and website provides exposure to people (and potential clients). It is also a good way to keep them up to date with our latest news (i.e. workshops dates) and our full collection, which our eshop portrays.

Les Toiles Studio: You are running a series of workshops in card making. Can you please tell us more about it, and if someone wishes to join where can they find out how to ?

Sisters Stories: We have been running these workshops for one year and a half mainly in Geneva, but also in Vaud and Valais cantons upon request. The workshops we are running are an introduction to the brush lettering technique. The workshop usually takes place in a cosy coffee shop, bar or restaurant and we like to change places from time to time as we like to make others discover new places that resemble us. We like them to be intimate, fun and moments we can exchange! We originally intended to run a workshop once per month but given the demand and strong interest, we often add 1 or 2 extra sessions. All the details are available on our website.

We also run private sessions for all kind of events such as birthdays, bachelorette parties, so do not hesitate to contact us by email. The class lasts one hour and thirty minutes and costs CHF 60, which includes all the material and a drink!

Thank you Nathalie & Carine for talking with us !
You can visit Sister Stories website to find out more about their creations.
Photographs & Edition: Jagoda
Realised in Geneva, March 2018

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    christina July 4, 2018 at 2:35 pm - Reply

    Hello! I’m so inspired by your story and hope to have my own business since I’m working employ as pattern maker.

    christina July 4, 2018 at 2:37 pm - Reply

    I’m so inspired by your story and thinking to have my own business since I am working as a pattern maker.

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