Are you shopping online or offline?

Are online concept stores for you?

I just overheard a discussion while doing my groceries, between two friends in their 20s. One of them had her mind set on an awesome scarf she has seen online and the other friend could not understand how her friend could make such a passion for something she saw in a picture. The discussion lasted for a while and while I finished my groceries and headed to the till, I found them again, still debating the same subject.

I am not sure what they spoke about and what exactly they have debated, but both sounded convinced and eager to go online and search for a new item. Online shopping is not bound only by fashion shopping or accessories, but this is where my hearts stands at. I don’t think I ever needed much convincing to purchase items online, but I also don’t just jump ahead and go crazy over everything I see.

I must admit I have a lot of accessories, but I never say no to something new, something old, something blue, something cool. I have always though that accessories can save any outfit and can make you feel more confident, if used properly.

I am wondering how many of you purchase online and how many still prefer the traditional way of shopping?

Text by: Magda
Images Unsplash Timothy Muza

Realised in Lausanne, 2018

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Magda is a dreamer & an enthusiastic writer, in love with turquoise and traveling. She dislikes artichokes, is an avid worker and goals achiever, a proud Romanian and a vintage enthusiast. Magda brings her love for retro and vintage pieces into a modern, creative and funny context both on Les Toiles and her own blog Magda Oltean

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