To: Santa – Our Xmas Wish List …

10 days left …

10 days until this carefully constructed wish list of small and big dreams of ours can be realised.

“Dear Santa,

We hope you are doing great! We know you must be keeping busy, and we are so happy if you are reading this short letter of ours. There are still 10 full days and nights until Christmas and we wanted to take the chance to share with you a small wish list of ours. We are all different people, with different backgrounds and needs and so our small wishes are very different. We hope not to appear greedy to you, at the end we do not expect to get everything from this list…In the end we know it is all up to you and your generosity as Santa. We have been behaving well the whole year and tried to be good people… We are sure you saw that and know that all we really want for Xmas is world peace and love for everyone ! But in case these are too hard to realise, here comes our little wish list …

Thank you dear Santa,
Merry Xmas to you ! “


  • What present do you want for Xmas?

I want to plan a new trip for the following year (since I am already travelling for Christmas this year) and a Dolce & Gabbana pair of shoes (or ten…)

Why this choice? 

  • Because I want to scratch off my scratch map of all the countries in the world! 



What present do you want for Xmas?

  • A nice tropical vacation to Mexico, Colombia, South America, Greece, Spain, Malaga or Seville… A nice watch and new Windows interface. 

Why this choice? 

  • I like a hot nice tropical place to escape from my day to day life. A new computer would be much better than carrying this huge laptop with me… The new watch because it looks so nice and I don’t have one. I always liked them! 


What present do you want for Xmas? 

  • All I want for Xmas is YOU and the Sony R7 iii mirror-less camera with 85mm lens.

Why this choice?

  • Because love comes first always, and the most important thing for Holiday Season is to be with people who you love and they love you back. The rest does not matter that much at the end… And Sony R7 .. hmm this new piece of photo-gear would help make my other dream photos come true. The new mirrorless SONY system is working smoothly providing high quality photographs. On top of that 85mm lens is an amazing and beautiful portrait lens and since I take a lot of portraits, this baby and me would be a perfect match!


What present do you want for Xmas?

  • I want a trip to Tokyo, CLOTHES and a visit in one of the Harry Potter’s theme parks !

Why this choice?

  •  I always wanted to go to Tokyo since I was a teenager, probably because of the cartoons on TV. But I really appreciate their culture, pop music, fashion and so on… These days I have this really strong feeling to go there. Let’s hope it happens soon! Since I’m not too crazy about having designer clothes, I mean I love it, but I’m not obsessed, I like to buy with quality. But these days I’m dreaming about some pieces …  and I’m a Harry Potter fan! So, I really wanna go to one of the thematic parks they have in America, it’s on my list!

Text & Edition: Jagoda
Photographs: Unsplash & Original sources
Realised in November 2017. 

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