Milano Design Week 2018

This year’s Milano Design Week the world’s biggest design festival is starting tomorrow April 17th and will last until Sunday 22nd of April 2018. Visiting Salone del Mobile means taking part in a big event or rather multiple events happening at the same time across the city of Milano. Taking part in the design festival brings unquestionable point of reference and the freshest products from furniture and decorative design, interactive design to events and exhibitions of any kind. It is a definitely worth visiting and taking part in this festival at least once in your lifetime, so why not this year? You will be faced with all the must-see and can’t be missed events and showcases of some extraordinary works. There will be over 2,000 exhibitors from all over the world trying to grab your precious attention and invite you to see their work. Amongst the exhibitors we can see the big brands and companies showcasing new talents and research in design including SONY or LEXUS. Design week in one of the most fashionable cities, that Milano is, will also offer the scene to smaller galleries showing less known designers and groups including art galleries. From kitchen, bedroom, lighting, public and private space design, small, medium and bigger picture is all that you will be able to experience when visiting Milano between 17th -22nd of April 2018.

As always the best point of reference on what to see, where to go and what not to miss is located online on the design boom website. You can learn more about the events, locations and references including maps and isight commentary on each designer and project. That is a very useful source of information where you can scan each project quickly and decide for yourself if you want to see it live.

Photographs: Press Release Design Week Milano.

Realized in April 2018.

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