Rafting in Switzerland, Part 2 of easy peasy lemon squeeze!

If you like me are feeling the heat of summer killing your mo-jo and feel completely unimpressed by the continuous drinks you have at the terraces in the city, it’s time to bring it up a notch. We have a Part 2 of our easy peasy lemon squeeze adventure guide, which works wonders even for scary cats!

So if you are a bored scary cat, but still love water and want to hang out with friends, we recommend rafting. For those living nearby Lausanne, there is an awesome choice at Château d’Oex, a good half an hour drive, rafting on the river brought to you by Rivieres & Aventueres. A ride costs 105 CHF per person with apero included, with a maximum of 8 people in a boat. The trip lasts up to two hours, depending on how able you and your team are and how often you fall in the water. It is also kids friendly, so it can quickly turn into a cool family adventure day.

It’s easy not to feel like you want to do it, you have to wear a weird suit, a helmet, get into really cold water and have to avoid any form of make up because you will get wet no matter what. The first feeling is pretty much the same for everybody. You feel slightly scared as you have no clue how rafting goes, what you should do, perhaps you feel you are not sporty enough. They give you a training on land and explain all the facts and you feel like you have completely forgotten everything they said the moment cold water touches you.

Give it two minutes until the raft starts floating slowly down the stream and you will feel the adrenaline picking up, slowly at the beginning until the moment the raft goes upside down for the first time. You are then full of adrenaline, happy and smile uncontrollably.

What better way to spend a few hours doings sports but without actually feelings like doing sports? And what sport ends in a yummy apero and a drink after your great achievement? Give it a go if you haven’t so far and let us know how it went! Autumn is just around the corner, take advantage now!

Text by: Magda

Realised in June, 2018

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