Portugal – Little Guide of Undiscovered Places

Portugal – a relatively small, Europe’s westernmost country, located in the Iberian Peninsula. Nowadays Lisbon – the capitol of Portugal – is a highly visited city all year long and I am sure many of you reading this text have already been there at least once. Indeed, Lisbon has a lot to offer, and it is certainly a city that you want to come back to. However, in this short article I am going to show you 3 more reasons why it is worth returning to Portugal, and this time my short list won’t include Lisbon. Apologies for all the fans of this great city, but I have seen and heard enough about it by now. I hope my small list of recommendations will inspire you to look for your own special undiscovered spots in Portugal, or elsewhere. For now, I hope to encourage you to discover a little bit of the this path when you are next time in Portugal. Are you ready? Then, let’s go !

Best Village To Visit <<< Odeceixe >>>


A good stroll through many narrow streets of this picturesque village is a must! Beautiful traditional architecture: small, white buildings paled on one another, and most of the car free streets encourage for long, but easy walks through the old town. You can spot many plants, flowers and decorations that contrast well with the background and the whiteness that covers each house and each building. Many little cafés and small bars are there to offer local snacks, good pastries, cold beers and strong coffees. It might get busy during lunch time, as all of the tourists who visit the town are there to eat out. On the top of the city’s hills there is a small church worth to visit as well. Odeceixe is very small, but an extremely cute and peaceful village. It lies in the green valley between the hills, nearby the ocean. When scrolling though the tiny streets you can meet and talk to the locals who are very welcoming and smily. It is a perfect place to see and try the true Portuguese easiness of life.

Best Surfing Beach <<< Praia do Amado >>>


Do not wash your car before coming to that beach as the sand dust flows and is everywhere, literally. Strong, but good wind is exactly what makes this beach one of the best beaches to go surf at. From the very beginners, surf schools and surf pupils who hardly keep balance on their boards, to the real pros who are observed and admired by the first ones. This spot is really for every level surf fan! You can feel the hippie vibes straight away. While parking your car you can notice a lot of caravans and many young people in dreadlocks – oh yes, here comes my pure and stereotypical view on the word “hippie”. Honestly speaking, you can find every kind of person here, as surfing is really for everyone, at every age. Great views and no ice-cream shops, just a lot of wind and a lot of sand. When you get hungry the only bar/restaurant/shop is here to help you out. You can also find some hand-made jewellery sold by the surfers!

Best Seafood Restaurant <<< Port in Sines >>>


This was a real surprise and quite an unexpected discovery! We have stopped in the nearby parking at the end of the city to take a walk across the beach we spotted from the road. The way to it was leading through the port where all the fishermen worked. Many different boats parked, a lot of traffic and many people working and passing by. A typical working day at the port! We walked on the beach and back and spotted this little crowd of port workers having coffees or beers outside the, so to say, normal even, quite bad looking bar / restaurant. And this was our lead! Lunch time arrived and people started to gather in front of the place. This meant only one thing – that it is going to be just amazing! And of course it was! Freshly delivered fish and seafood arrived straight from the boats and was placed in the big displayed fridge near the entrance. We quickly made our minds up and took one of the free tables. The best seafood I have ever tasted! We choose different kinds of dishes, all grilled on the open-fire BBQ by some cool looking grandpa! Bon appetite !

Text & Photographs: Jagoda Wisniewska
Realised in Portugal, 2017.

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